Completion of restoration and rehabilitation of the central tailing heap of Jan Šverma mine in Žacléř

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Hudeček, Vlastimil ; Černá, Kristýna ; Gembalová, Lucie ; Votoček, Jaroslav (2016)
  • Publisher: Technická univerzita Košice
  • Subject: Jan Sverma Mine (JSM) | restoration | rehabilitation | west part of the Central Heap | utilisation of the Central Heap

In the year 2010, the authors made the reader familiar with the successful implementation of rehabilitation of the Utilization of result of trial seeding experimental plots in the course of rehabilitation of the central tailing heap of Jan Sverma Mine in Zacler by means of the article Rehabilitation of Central Tailing Heap of Jan Sverma Mine in Zacler, [3,5,6,7]. They described briefly the locality of the Jan Sverma Mine and made the reader acquainted with the joint-stock company GEMEC - UNION carrying out the rehabilitation. The authors generally described the restoration and rehabilitation methods [8,9,11] and subsequently the procedure and execution of rehabilitation work on the Central Tailing Heap, namely grassing using the Hydroseeding method. The contribution included the results of trial seeding with the application of various fertilisers and soil conditioners. In this contribution, the authors will focus on the continuation of restoration and rehabilitation works in the west part of the Central Heap. They will be concerned with the evaluation of both overall completion of rehabilitation and subsequent use of the very Heap. Web of Science 21 2 138 129
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