RheoDSC: A hyphenated technique for the simultaneous measurement of calorimetric and rheological evolutions

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Kiewiet, S ; Janssens, V ; Miltner, H. E ; Van Assche, Gert ; Van Puyvelde, Peter ; Van Mele, B (2008)
  • Publisher: Amer inst physics
  • Subject: differential scanning calorimetry | flow-induced crystallization | dsc measurement technique | syndiotactic polypropylene | reaction-kinetics | i-pp | polymer | amines

A newly developed hyphenated technique is presented combining an existing rheometer and differential scanning calorimeter into a single experimental setup. Through the development of a fixation accessory for differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) crucibles and a novel rotor, the simultaneous measurement is performed inside the well-controlled thermal environment of a Tzero (TM) DSC cell. Hence, the evolution of thermal and flow properties of a material can be simultaneously measured using steady or oscillatory shear measurements and regular or modulated temperature DSC measurements. Along with the construction of a prototype, a validation of the design was performed. The technique offers interesting opportunities for the investigation of flow-induced transitions, for instance, crystallization or phase separation, and provides an asset for high-throughput screening of materials. The potential of the novel technique is demonstrated by two case studies: the chemorheology during the cure of a thermosetting epoxy-amine system and the flow-induced crystallization of syndiotactic polypropylene. (C) 2008 American Institute of Physics.
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