Plans for the European Spallation Source Beam Physics Control Software

Conference object English OPEN
Levinsen, Yngve ; Eshraqi, Mohammad ; Laface, Emanuele ; Muñoz, Marc ; Miyamoto, Ryoichi ; DE PRISCO, RENATO ; List, I. (2016)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-WEPOY043
  • Subject: Elektroteknik och elektronik | ESS, esss, DTL, drift, Tube, Linac, beam, dynamics, RF, radio, frequency, stabilization, post, couplers, coupler, tuner, tuners, pick, accelerating, sensitivity, tuning, tilt, pmq, permanent, quadrupole, focusing, detuning, mismatch, parameter, matched, twiss, parameters, phase, advance, cooling, stem, stems, compensation, software, emittance, growth, tune, depression, error, study, studies, position, monitor, monitors, steerers, adjust, steerer, rfq, input, alignment, angle, cavity, tank, dipole, static, dynamic, PIC-NIC, PIC-NIR, statistic, statistical, TraceWin, confidence, power, losses, lost, level, longitudinal, transverse, MEBT, medium, beta, high, average, commissioning, xal, control, software, room

The commissioning and operations planning for the European Spallation Source is currently being defined. It is foreseen that the ESS will begin to deliver beam on target by mid 2019, something which is urging a well structured and thought through plan both for commissioning and operations. In this paper we will discuss the plans for beam physics operational software, priorities and software services needed during the different stages of beam commissioning.
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