Plasma Wakefield Accelerated Beams for Demonstration of FEL Gain at FLASHForward

Conference object English OPEN
Niknejadi, Pardis ; Aschikhin, Alexander ; Hu, Zhanghu ; Karstensen, Sven ; Knetsch, Alexander ; Kononenko, Olena ; Libov, Vladyslav ; Ludwig, Kai ; Martinez de la Ossa, Alberto ; Marutzky, Frank ; Mehrling, Timon ; Osterhoff, Jens ; Behrens, Christopher ; Palmer, Charlotte ; Poder, Kristjan ; Pourmoussavi, Paul ; Quast, Martin ; Roeckemann, Jan-Hendrik ; Schaffran, Joern ; Schaper, Lucas ; Schlarb, Holger ; Schmidt, Bernhard ; Schreiber, Siegfried ; Bohlen, Simon ; Schroeder, Sarah ; Schwinkendorf, Jan-Patrick ; Sheeran, Bridget ; Streeter, Matthew ; Tauscher, Gabriele ; Wacker, Violetta ... view all 44 authors (2017)

FLASHForward is the Future-ORiented Wakefield Accelerator Research and Development project at the DESY free-electron laser (FEL) facility FLASH. It aims to produce high-quality, GeV-energy electron beams over a plasma cell of a few centimeters. The plasma is created by means of a 25 TW Ti:Sapphire laser system. The plasma wakefield will be driven by high-current-density electron beams extracted from the FLASH accelerator. The project focuses on the advancement of plasma-based particle acceleration technology through the exploration of both external and internal witness-beam injection schemes. Multiple conventional and cutting-edge diagnostic tools, suitable for diagnosis of short electron beams, are under development. The design of the post-plasma beamline sections will be finalized based on the result of these aforementioned diagnostics. In this paper, the status of the project, as well as the progress towards achieving its overarching goal of demonstrating FEL gain via plasma wakefield acceleration, is discussed.
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