publication . Doctoral thesis . 2009

Chemical speciation and transformation of mercury in contaminated sediments

Drott, Andreas;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 2009
  • Country: Sweden
Biomagnification of mercury (Hg) in aquatic food webs occurs almost exclusively as mono-methyl Hg (MeHg). In this thesis, the influence of chemical speciation and environmental conditions on transformations of inorganic Hg (HgII) and MeHg was studied at eight sites in Sweden with Hg contaminated sediments. The source of contamination was either Hg0(l) or phenyl-Hg, and total Hg concentrations ranged between 1.0-1100 nmol g-1. The environmental conditions, e.g. salinity, temperature climate, primary productivity, redox conditions and organic matter content and quality, varied substantially among sites. The results show that MeHg production (HgII methylation) is r...
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Doctoral thesis . 2009

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