publication . Doctoral thesis . 2004

Biological diversity in urban environments

Gyllin, Mats;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 May 2004
  • Country: Sweden
The thesis approaches the concept of urban biodiversity from different angles in an attempt to explain its significance. In a study from the constructed Toftanäs wetland park, methods of affecting local biodi-versity are demonstrated as integrated with other functions, such as water quality and stormwater detention. Vegetation analyses are provided to show the rapid and sometimes unexpected change in species composition. Both spontaneous and introduced species were followed in a five-year project. Theoretical aspects of urban biodiversity are studied in-depth and the different views on biodiversity in general and urban biodiversity in particular are scrutinised....
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Agricultural and Food Sciences
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Doctoral thesis . 2004
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104 references, page 1 of 7
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