publication . Doctoral thesis . 2010

Displaced abomasum and ketosis in dairy cows

Stengärde, Lena;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 2010
  • Country: Sweden
High producing dairy cows struggle to meet energy demands and handle various transitional changes in late gestation and early lactation. Negative energy balance in early lactation is inevitable and metabolic disorders may follow as a consequence of a deep negative energy balance. This thesis studies associations between blood profiles and body condition score (BCS) in dairy cows, and displaced abomasum (DA) or clinical ketosis, and investigates risk factors for the two diseases at the herd level. In study I, blood profiles of cows with and without DA were compared. In studies II and III, blood of cows was sampled to investigate how blood profiles differed among ...
Medical Subject Headings: animal diseases
free text keywords: Clinical Science
Agricultural and Food Sciences
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Doctoral thesis . 2010
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89 references, page 1 of 6
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