Alternative realities : from augmented reality to mobile mixed reality

Master thesis English OPEN
Claydon, Mark (2015)
  • Subject: Virtual Environments | Augmented Reality | Mobile Augmented Reality | Mobile Mixed Reality | Ubiquitous Computing | Mobile Computing | Vuorovaikutteinen teknologia - Interactive Technology

This thesis provides an overview of (mobile) augmented and mixed reality by clarifying the different concepts of reality, briefly covering the technology behind mobile augmented and mixed reality systems, conducting a concise survey of existing and emerging mobile augmented and mixed reality applications and devices. Based on the previous analysis and the survey, this work will next attempt to assess what mobile augmented and mixed reality could make possible, and what related applications and environments could offer to users, if tapped into their full potential. Additionally, this work briefly discusses what might be the cause for mobile augmented reality not yet being widely adopted to everyday use, even though many such applications already exist for the smartphone platform, and smartglass systems slowly becoming increasingly common. Other related topics and issues that are briefly covered include information security and privacy issues related to mobile augmented and mixed reality systems, the link between mobile mixed reality and ubiquitous computing, previously conducted user studies, as well as user needs and user experience issues. The overall purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate what is already possible to implement on the mobile platform (including both hand-held devices and head-mounted configurations) by using augmented and mixed reality interfaces, and to consider how mobile mixed reality systems could be improved, based on existing products, studies and lessons learned from the survey conducted in this thesis.
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