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Ultra high temperature latent heat energy storage and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion

CARLOS DEL CAÑIZO NADAL; Alejandro Datas; Antonio Marti; Antonio Luque; Antonio Luque; Alba Ramos;
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  • Published: 01 May 2016
  • Country: Spain
A conceptual energy storage system design that utilizes ultra high temperature phase change materials is presented. In this system, the energy is stored in the form of latent heat and converted to electricity upon demand by TPV (thermophotovoltaic) cells. Silicon is considered in this study as PCM (phase change material) due to its extremely high latent heat (1800 J/g or 500 Wh/kg), melting point (1410 °C), thermal conductivity (~25 W/mK), low cost (less than $2/kg or $4/kWh) and abundance on earth. The proposed system enables an enormous thermal energy storage density of ~1 MWh/m3, which is 10–20 times higher than that of lead-acid batteries, 2–6 times than tha...
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