Altered brain rhythms and functional network disruptions involved in patients with generalized fixation-off epilepsy

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Solana Sánchez, Ana Beatriz ; Hernández Tamames, J.A. ; Molina, E. ; Martínez, K. ; Pineda Pardo, José Ángel ; Bruña Fernandez, Ricardo ; Toledano, Rafael ; San Antonio-Arce, Victoria ; Garcia Morales, Irene ; Gil Nagel, Antonio ; Alfayate, E. ; Álvarez Linera, Juan ; Pozo Guerrero, Francisco del (2012)
  • Journal: (issn: Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine, ISSN 0968-5243, 2012, No. 25)
  • Subject: Medicina

Fixation-off sensitivity (FOS) denotes the forms of epilepsy elicited by elimination of fixation. FOS-IGE patients are rare cases [1]. In a previous work [2] we showed that two FOS-IGE patients had different altered EEG rhythms when closing eyes; only beta band was altered in patient 1 while theta, alpha and beta were altered in patient 2. In the present work, we explain the relationship between the altered brain rhythms in these patients and the disruption in functional brain networks.
  • References (1)

    [1]Koutroumanidis M.(2009), Epileptic Disord, 20-36, [2]Solana A.B.(2012), ISMRM, 370

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