Mathematical models for the arrangement and the cleaning of the river basin and surroundings of the river sandy grounds to its passage by the city of Salta (Argentina)

Conference object Spanish; Castilian OPEN
Antón Corrales, José Manuel; Grau Olive, Juan Bautista; Speroni, Colombo; Rios, Lisandro de los; Andina de la Fuente, Diego; Tarquis Alfonso, Ana Maria;
  • Publisher: E.T.S.I. Agrónomos (UPM)
  • Subject: Medio Ambiente | Matemáticas

The province of Salta is located the Northwest of Argentina in the border with Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay. Its Capital is the city of Salta that concentrates half of the inhabitants of the province and has grown to 600000 hab., from a small active Spanish town well fou... View more
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