Monitoring treatment of vocal fold paralysis by biomechanical analysis of voice

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Gómez Vilda, Pedro ; Martínez de Arellano, Ana ; Nieto Lluis, Victor ; Rodellar Biarge, M. Victoria ; Álvarez Marquina, Agustin ; Mazaira Fernández, Luis Miguel (2013)
  • Publisher: Facultad de Informática (UPM)
  • Subject: Robótica e Informática Industrial
    mesheuropmc: otorhinolaryngologic diseases

A case study of vocal fold paralysis treatment is described with the help of the voice quality analysis application BioMet®Phon. The case corresponds to a description of a 40 - year old female patient who was diagnosed of vocal fold paralysis following a cardio - pulmonar intervention which required intubation for 8 days and posterior tracheotomy for 15 days. The patient presented breathy and asthenic phon ation, and dysphagia. Six main examinations were conducted during a full year period that the treatment lasted consisting in periodic reviews including video - endostroboscopy, voice analysis and breathing function monitoring. The phoniatrician treatment inc luded 20 sessions of vocal rehabilitation, followed by an intracordal infiltration with Radiesse 8 months after the rehabilitation treatment started followed by 6 sessions of rehabilitation more. The videondoscopy and the voicing quality analysis refer a s ubstantial improvement in the vocal function with recovery in all the measures estimated (jitter, shimmer, mucosal wave contents, glottal closure, harmonic contents and biomechanical function analysis). The paper refers the procedure followed and the results obtained by comparing the longitudinal progression of the treatment, illustrating the utility of voice quality analysis tools in speech therapy.
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