Expected requirements in support tool for software process improvement in SMEs

Conference object English OPEN
Muñoz Mata, Mirna ; Mejía Miranda, Jezreel ; Amescua Seco, Antonio ; Calvo-Manzano Villalón, José Antonio ; Cuevas Agustín, Gonzalo ; San Feliu Gilabert, Tomás (2012)

Nowadays being competitive is an important challenge for software development organizations. In order to achieve this, since last years, software process improvement has been an obvious and logical way. Unfortunately, even when many organizations are motivated to implement software process initiatives, not all know how best to do so, especially in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) where due to its especial features, they have to be carefully in how to manage its resources to assure their market survival, Besides, even wen there has been developed models which pretend to help SMEs in the implementation of software process improvements, one of the main barrier that stopping SME's to implement software process improvements are the lack of knowledge and support of software process improvement. This paper presents and analysis of software process improvement at SMEs focusing on identifying on the once hand, SMEs features and success factors in the implementation of SPI initiatives. On the other hand, the expected requirements in a software tool focus on providing support for SMEs in the implementation of SPI initiatives.
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