Practical issues for testing thin film PV modules at standard test conditions.

Conference object English OPEN
Marín González, Omar ; Raga Arroyo, Manuela Pilar ; Alonso Garcia, M. Carmen ; Muñoz-García, Miguel Angel (2013)
  • Publisher: E.T.S.I. Agrónomos (UPM)
  • Subject: Energía Eléctrica

Thin film photovoltaic (TF) modules have gained importance in the photovoltaic (PV) market. New PV plants increasingly use TF technologies. In order to have a reliable sample of a PV module population, a huge number of modules must be measured. There is a big variety of materials used in TF technology. Some of these modules are made of amorphous or microcrystalline silicon. Other are made of CIS or CdTe. Not all these materials respond the same under standard test conditions (STC) of power measurement. Power rates of the modules may vary depending on both the extent and the history of sunlight exposure. Thus, it is necessary a testing method adapted to each TF technology. This test must guarantee repeatability of measurements of generated power. This paper shows responses of different commercial TF PV modules to sunlight exposure. Several test procedures were performed in order to find the best methodology to obtain measurements of TF PV modules at STC in the easiest way. A methodology for indoor measurements adapted to these technologies is described.
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