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Effects of fish and prawn culture on physico-chemical parameters of water and rice yield in rice fields

Razzak, M.A.; Nahar, A.; Mirhaj, M.; Becker, K.; Dewan, S.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2009
An experiment was conducted with five treatments i.e. rice combined with fish having regular urea fertilization (T1), rice combined with prawn having regular urea fertilization (T2), rice combined with fish with supplementary feeding (T3), rice combined with prawn with supplementary feeding (T4) and without fish and prawn (T5) was kept as control. The dissolved oxygen values obtained in treatments with fish both in morning and afternoon were lower than the values of prawn containing treatments and control. The values of nitrate-N, ammonia-N, phosphate-P and chlorophyll-a were higher in fish containing treatments than the prawn containing treatments and control. ...
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free text keywords: Aquaculture, Aquaculture, rice-fish culture, rice-prawn culture, water quality parameters
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Article . 2009
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