Causality and Non-Locality in Quantum Mechanics: An argument for retrocausation

Master thesis English OPEN
Mjelva, Jørn Kløvfjell (2017)
  • Subject: Philosophy of Physics | Non-locality | Philosophy of Science | EPR | Bayes nets-theories | Locality | Quantum Entanglement | Retrocausation | Bell | Causality | causal asymmetry | Quantum Mechanics | Causal Markov Condition | Separability | Causation | Relativity | Direction of causation | Time | Screening-off Criterion | Metaphysics | Causal models | Special Theory of Relativity | Principle of the Common Cause
    arxiv: Physics::History of Physics

It has been claimed that quantum mechanics is a non-local theory, i.e., that the predictions of quantum mechanics are at odds with a conception of the world where all the interactions are mediated by local mechanisms. The cited reason is the violation of the Bell inequa... View more
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