MOBILLAB-NIVA - a complete station for monitoring water quality

Report OPEN
Henriksen, A. ; Røgeberg, E. ; Andersen, S. ; Veidel, A. (1986)
  • Publisher: Norsk institutt for vannforskning
  • Subject: sur nedbør

MOBILLAB-NIVA is a complete mobile station for monitoring water quality with telemetric transmission of recorded data to a central receiving station. It is intended for use in studies of rapid changes in water quality and its effects on aquatic life and short term studies to decide on water quality monitoring strategy. The present version of Mobillab-niva is specially designed to study effects of acid inputs on water chemistry, fish and invertebrates. The station is equipped with physical and chemical sensors for continuous measurement of these parameters:pH, conductivity, water temperature, uv-absorbtion, turbidity, reactive aluminium, non- labile aluminium and labile aluminium. Mobillab-niva is equipped with experimental and reference tanks for fish and invertebrates. Shell sand filters are used to obtain the referance water quality.
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