Long-Term Effects of Extreme Trauma on Sleep Quality and the Circadian Rhythm of Sleep and Wakefulness: An Actigraphy Study of Utøya Survivors

Master thesis English OPEN
Ugland, Kaja Skullerud; Landrø, Heidi;
  • Publisher: The University of Bergen
  • Subject: Utøya | terror | actigraphy | long-term effects | Sleep | Adolescents | manual coding | Insomnia | Sleep Disorders | Emotional Trauma | Adolescent Development | Adolescent Development | Human Biological Rhythms

The terror attack at Utøya Island in 2011 was a national tragedy. Most of the survivors were adolescents. The aim of this study was to explore how sleep and circadian rhythm of sleep and wakefulness was affected after the Utøya massacre. In addition we wanted to examine... View more
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