Selected translations and analysis of "Further biographies of nuns"

Master thesis English OPEN
Tho, Annlaug;

‘Further Biographies of Nuns’ was compiled by Master Zhenhua (1908 -1947) in the 1940s and presents the biographies of 200 Buddhist nuns from the Liang Dynasty (502-557) to the Republic of China (1912-1949). This thesis presents the translation of twelve biographies fro... View more
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    Table of contents 1. Bhiksuni Daoji of Fahua Temple, Huzhou, Liang Dynasty 2. Bhiksuni Sengfa of Yangzhou 3. Bhiksuni Taiqing of Zizhu Temple, Yidu 4. Bhiksuni Huashou of Gaoyou, Chen Dynasty 5. Bhiksuni Fami of Mimoyan, Wutai, North Qi Dynasty 6. Bhiksuni Zhixian of Bore Temple, Tongzhou, Sui Dynasty 7. Bhiksuni Faxin of Hedong, Tang Dynasty 8. Bhiksuni Miaokong of Xunyang 9. Bhiksuni Daming of Xihe, Fenzhou 10. Two sister Bhiksunis of Jingzhou 11. Bhiksuni Xinxiang of Jinghui Temple, Mianzhu 12. Bhiksuni Jingzhen of Jishan Temple, Changan 13. Bhiksuni Fayuan of Jidu Temple, Changan 14. Bhiksuni Wuliang of Daode Temple, Changan 15. Bhiksuni Hunshan of Suzhou 16. Bhiksuni Jianxing of Xuanhua Temple, Changan 17. Bhiksuni Facheng of Xingsheng Temple, Changan 18. Bhiksuni Chifa of Anguo Temple, Changan (including the biographies of Bhiksuni Huiren and Bhiksuni Kong'gu) 19. Bhiksuni Huiyuan of Jidu Temple, Changan (including the biography of Bhiksuni Cihe) 20. Bhiksuni Huiyin of Anguo Temple, Luoyang (including the biography of Bhiksuni Yuande) 21. Bhiksuni Wujinzang of Caohou Village, Shaozhou 22. Bhiksuni Zhishou of Tongshan Temple, Tengzhou 23. Bhiksuni Yuanji of Jingju Temple, Wunzhou 24. Bhiksuni Zhenru of Heru, Baoying 25. Bhiksuni Gongdeshan of Changan

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