An analog integrated circuit design laboratory

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Mondragon-Torres, A.F.; Mayhugh, Jr.; Pineda de Gyvez, J.; Silva-Martinez, J.; Sanchez-Sinencio, E.;
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We present the structure of an analog integrated circuit design laboratory to instruct at both, senior undergraduate and entry graduate levels. The teaching material includes: a laboratory manual with analog circuit design theory, pre-laboratory exercises and circuit de... View more
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    1. Introduction: Review of the Cadence design system and of the UNIX. Basics of CAP and dc SIM.

    2. Layout Design: LAY techniques: unit size transistors; common centroid and interdigitized structures; and dummy transistors.

    3. MOS Device Characterization: KP, VT, λ and γ are extracted through SIM and MEA. The parametric (PAR) analysis is introduced.

    4. Current Mirrors: Simple, cascode, feedback and low-voltage. Design constraints: Zin, Zout, compliance, accuracy and complexity. Analyses: dc, ac and PAR. Run LVS. ac analysis is introduced.

    5. Inverting Amplifiers: Current Mirror Load, Digital CMOS, PMOS with self biased load and self biased CMOS. Design constraints: GBW, PM and AV0. The effects of power supply, source resistance and load capacitance are investigated. Analyses: dc and ac. PSM is introduced.

    6. Differential Amplifiers: Simple and cascode current mirrors. Design constraints: ADM, ACM, CMRR, CMR and SR. Analyses: dc, ac and transient (TRAN). TRAN analysis is introduced.

    7. Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA): Symmetrical OTA. Design constraints: GM and SR. Analyses: dc, ac and TRAN. The static power (PW) dissipation is measured and reported.

    8. Operational amplifiers (OP): Three stage OP. Design constraints: ADM, ACM, CMRR, PSRR, GBW, PM, Zout, SR and PW. Monte-Carlo analysis is introduced, the ac response is used to explore the effect of random variations on parameters.

    9. Analog System: Continuous low pass filter. Macromodelling is introduced.

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