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PFS: a distributed and customizable file system

P. Bosch; S. Mullender;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Oct 1996
  • Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
  • Country: Netherlands
In this paper we present our ongoing work on the Pegasus File System (PFS), a distributed and customizable file system that can be used for off-line file system experiments and on-line file system storage. PFS is best described as an object-oriented component library from which either a true file system or a file-system simulator can be constructed. Each of the components in the library is easily replaced by another implementation to accommodate a wide range of applications.
ACM Computing Classification System: Data_FILES
free text keywords: File Control Block, Computer file, Virtual file system, Embedded system, business.industry, business, Self-certifying File System, Stub file, Operating system, computer.software_genre, computer, Versioning file system, Unix file types, Computer science, Indexed file

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