Borneo: a quantitative analysis of botanical richness, endemicity and floristic regions based on herbarium records

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Raes, Niels (2009)
  • Publisher: National Herbarium of the Netherlands (NHN), Leiden University Branch
  • Subject:
    mesheuropmc: parasitic diseases

Based on the digitized herbarium records housed at the National Herbarium of the Netherlands I developed high spatial resolution patterns of Borneo's botanical richness, endemicity, and the floristic regions. The patterns are derived from species distribution models whi... View more
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    Most frequently we used the Landsat 7 images, Our results showed that for low prevalence values very high AUC values can be expected from randomly drawn points (Fig. 3.1; Table S3.1). Olden et al. (2002) too reported such high accuracy values for low (and high) prevalence.

    The 95% C.I. AUC value of the bias corrected null-model for 15 records (prevalence = 1.48%) was as high as 0.9622 (Fig. 3.1; Table S3.1).

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