Fuel use and metabolic response to endurance exercise: a wind tunnel study of a long-distance migrant shorebird

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Jenni-Eiermann, Susanne; Jenni, Lukas; Kvist, Anders; Lindström, Åke; Piersma, Theunis; Visser, G. Henk;
  • Subject: HOMING PIGEONS | THYROID-HORMONES | flight | red knot | BLOOD PARAMETERS | BIRD FLIGHT | RECOVERY | energy expenditure | MIGRATORY FLIGHT | PLASMA-GLUCOSE | Calidris canutus | lipid catabolism | bird | GAS-EXCHANGE | MUSCLE | PROTEIN | migration | plasma metabolite | protein catabolism

This study examines fuel use and metabolism in a group of long-distance migrating birds, red knots Calidris canutus (Scolopacidae), flying under controlled conditions in a wind tunnel for up to 10 h. Data are compared with values for resting birds fasting for the same t... View more
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