Observation of magnetic domains using a reflection mode scanning near-field optical microscope

Durkam, C.; Shvets, I.V.; Lodder, J.C.;
  • Subject: EWI-5407 | METIS-111883 | SMI-MAT: MATERIALS | IR-62951 | SMI-TST: From 2006 in EWI-TST
    arxiv: Physics::Optics

It is demonstrated that it is possible to image magnetic domains with a resolution of better than 60 nm with the Kerr effect in a reflection-mode scanning near-field optical microscope. Images taken of tracks of thermomagnetically prewritten bits in a Co/Pt multilayer s... View more
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    FIG. 6. Zoom in of ~a! Fig. 4~b!, ~b! Fig. 5~b!, and ~c! Fig. 5~a!. Scan size is 7003700 nm. The same area is shown in Figs. 1~a!-1~b!.

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