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Influence of Drive Level on the Fundamental Vibrator Signal

R.P. Noorlandt; G.G. Drijkoningen; C.A.M. Faber;
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  • Published: 10 Jun 2013
  • Publisher: EAGE Publications BV
  • Country: Netherlands
In this abstract we show the influence of vibrator drive level on the signal it produces. For that purpose a field survey was carried out using an INOVA's AHV-IV vehicle with a modified 266kN (60.000 lbf) vibrator. A single linear sweep was repeated at 10 different drive levels ranging from 5 to 90% at two locations. Each drive level was repeated 10 times and each run was repeated twice per location. In total 400 sweeps were carried out. From this data set we conclude that; the vibrator signal is very repeatable for a given setting; the repeatability is less comparing different runs with the same setting; the ground-base plate interaction depends on the drive le...
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free text keywords: Ranging, Geology, Field survey, Repeatability, Acoustics, Arrival time, Geomorphology, Metamorphic petrology, Telmatology, medicine.medical_specialty, medicine, Amplitude
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Conference object . 2013
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