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Small core flood experiments for foam EOR: screening surfactant applications

Jones, S.A.; Van der Bent, V.; Farajzadeh, R.; Rossen, W.R.; Vincent-Bonnieu, S.;
Open Access
  • Published: 14 Apr 2015
  • Publisher: EAGE Publications BV
  • Country: Netherlands
Aqueous foams are a means of increasing the sweep efficiency of enhanced oil recovery processes. An understanding of how a foam behaves in the presence of oil is therefore of great importance when selecting suitable surfactants for EOR processes. The consensus is currently that the most reliable method for determining the foam behavior in the presence of oil is to inject foam through a rock core. Coreflood tests, however, are typically carried out using large rock cores (e.g. diameter = 4 cm, length = 40 cm or longer), and hence foam flow tests can take days or weeks to achieve steady-state flow. In this study, we present the preliminary results for a core-flood...
free text keywords: Enhanced oil recovery, Hydrogeology, Fold (higher-order function), Flow (psychology), Engineering geology, Geology, Volcanism, Viscosity, Igneous petrology, Geotechnical engineering, Petroleum engineering

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