Improving radiation use efficiency in greenhouse production systems

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Li, Tao;
  • Publisher: Wageningen University
  • Subject: greenhouse horticulture | gebruiksefficiëntie | agricultural production systems | straling | Plantenfysiologie | Plant Physiology | greenhouses | Horticulture | use efficiency | gewasproductie | photosynthesis | fotosynthese | agrarische productiesystemen | Plantaardige productiesystemen | glastuinbouw | radiation use efficiency | Plant Production Systems | crop production | licht | radiation | light | gewasfysiologie | stralingsbenuttigingsefficiëntie | kassen | crop physiology | Tuinbouw

<p><strong>SUMMARY</strong></p> <p>A large increase in agricultural production is needed to feed the increasing world population with their increasing demand per capita. However, growing competition for arable land, water, energy, and the degradation of the environment ... View more
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