Kingfisher feathers - colouration by pigments, spongy nanostructures and thin films

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Stavenga, Doekele G.; Tinbergen, Jan; Leertouwer, Hein L.; Wilts, Bodo D.;
  • Subject: pigment granules | IRIDESCENCE | PLUMAGE | FOURIER-ANALYSIS | BIRDS | COLORS | SCATTERING | feather barbs | BARBS | KERATIN | feather cortex
    mesheuropmc: sense organs | animal structures | embryonic structures | macromolecular substances

The colours of the common kingfisher, Alcedo atthis, reside in the barbs of the three main types of feather: the orange breast feathers, the cyan back feathers and the blue tail feathers. Scanning electron microscopy showed that the orange barbs contain small pigment gr... View more
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