Joint Research on Scatterometry and AFM Wafer Metrology

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Bodermann, B. ; Buhr, E. ; Danzebrink, H.U. ; Bär, M. ; Scholze, F. ; Krumrey, M. ; Wurm, M. ; Klapetek, P. ; Hansen, P.E. ; Korpelainen, V. ; Van Veghel, M. ; Yacoot, A. ; Siitonen, S. ; El Gawhary, O. ; Burger, S. ; Saastamoinen, T. (2011)
  • Publisher: American Institute of Physics

Supported by the European Commission and EURAMET, a consortium of 10 participants from national metrology institutes, universities and companies has started a joint research project with the aim of overcoming current challenges in optical scatterometry for traceable linewidth metrology. Both experimental and modelling methods will be enhanced and different methods will be compared with each other and with specially adapted atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurement systems in measurement comparisons. Additionally novel methods for sophisticated data analysis will be developed and investigated to reach significant reductions of the measurement uncertainties in critical dimension (CD) metrology. One final goal will be the realisation of a wafer based reference standard material for calibration of scatterometers.
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