GEOTRACES – An international study of the global marine biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and their isotopes

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Henderson, G.M. ; Anderson, R.F. ; Adkins, J. ; Andersson, P. ; Boyle, E.A. ; Cutter, Greg ; Baar, H. de ; Eisenhauer, Anton ; Frank, Martin ; Francois, R. ; Orians, Kristin ; Gamo, T. ; German, C. ; Jenkins, W. ; Moffett, J. ; Jeandel, C. ; Jickells, T. ; Krishnaswami, S. ; Mackey, D. ; Masque, P. ; Measures, C.I. ; Moore, J.K. ; Oschlies, A. ; Pollard, R. ; Rutgers van der Loeff, M. ; Schlitzer, R. ; Sharma, M. ; Damm, K. von ; Hall, Morse ; Zhang, J. (2007)

Trace elements serve important roles as regulators of ocean processes including marine ecosystem dynamics and carbon cycling. The role of iron, for instance, is well known as a limiting micronutrient in the surface ocean. Several other trace elements also play crucial r... View more
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