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Exploring technological and architectural solutions for nursing home residents, care professionals and technical staff: focus groups with professional stakeholders

Hoof,van, Joost; Dooremalen, A.M.C.; Wetzels, M.H.; Weffers, Harold T.G.; Wouters, E.J.M.;
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Buildings with innovative technologies and architectural solutions are needed as a means of support for future nursing homes alongside adequate care services. This study investigated how various groups of stakeholders from healthcare and technology envision the nursing home of the future in the presumed perspective of residents, care professionals and technical staff. This qualitative study gathered data via ten simultaneous monodisciplinary focus group sessions with 95 professional stakeholders. The sessions yielded eight main themes: person and well-being; relatives and interaction; care technology; safety and security; interior design, architecture and the bu...
free text keywords: buildings, Design, qualitative, Older adults, Technology, dementia
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