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Decision Support System (DSS) for prevention of Botrytis in tomato in greenhouses

Visser, de, P.H.B.; Nannes, L.; Bokhoven, van, E.H.; Buwalda, F.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2015
  • Country: Netherlands
Within the framework of the Interreg project ‘Gezonde Kas’ a decision support system (DSS) for Botrytis risk in tomato was developed. This report fi rst summarizes existing knowledge on botrytis in tomato. The quantitative relationships are subsequently laid down in computer code. This code formed the basis of a dynamic simulation model to predict the risk on botrytis in a tomato crop. The model requires input from the climate computer of the greenhouse, and can also manage input from manual measurements. The report describes when and how the model predicts a high spore pressure and an increased risk on Botrytis infection, on the basis of climate conditions in t...
free text keywords: glastuinbouw, tomaten, gewasbescherming, plantenziekteverwekkende schimmels, botrytis, beslissingsondersteunende systemen, preventie, ziektebestrijdende teeltmaatregelen, klimaatregeling, teeltsystemen, Plant- en gewasbescherming (algemeen), greenhouse horticulture, tomatoes, plant protection, plant pathogenic fungi, decision support systems, prevention, cultural control, air conditioning, cropping systems, Plant and Crop Protection (General)
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Report . 2015
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