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Interfacial fatigue stress in PVD TiN coated tool steels under rolling contact fatigue conditions

Carvalho, N. J. M.; Huis In T Veld, A. J.; Jeff De Hosson;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 1998
  • Country: Netherlands
Titanium–nitrogen (TiN) films were Physical Vapour Deposited (PVD) on tool steel substrates with different hardness and surface roughness, in a Bai 640R unit using a triode ion plating (e-gun) with a high plasma density. The coated substrates were submitted to a rolling contact fatigue test technique (modified pin-on-ring test) to obtain some clarifications of the mechanism of interfacial failure. Tests were run using PVD-coated rings finished by polishing or grinding to produce different surface roughnesses. From the results, it appears that the fatigue durability is at lower stress levels significantly influenced by both the pre-treatment and the final surface...
free text keywords: Materials, Interfacial fatigue stress, Monolayers, Physical vapour deposition, Rolling contact fatigue, TiN coatings, Crack propagation, Electroplating, Fatigue of materials, Hardness, Interfaces (materials), Plasma applications, Stresses, Surface roughness, Titanium nitride, Tool steel, Vapor deposition, Triode ion plating, Protective coatings, COATINGS, FILMS, Materials Chemistry, General Chemistry, Surfaces, Coatings and Films, Surfaces and Interfaces, Condensed Matter Physics
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