publication . Doctoral thesis . 1988

Transport from diffuse sources of contamination and its application to a coupled unsaturated - saturated system

Ommen, van, H.C.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 1988
  • Publisher: Van Ommen
  • Country: Netherlands
<p>A simple theory to predict groundwater quality upon contamination from diffuse sources was developed. It appeared that an analogy exists between the predominant transport phenomena and the reaction of a reservoir, in which perfect mixing takes place. Such an analogy enables a simple incorporation of physico-chemical processes (decomposition, adsorption), as was shown by an illustrative response of the quality of groundwater to an input of a radio-active decaying solute (and its decay components) in its recharge area.<p>Before solute migration in the saturated zone occurs, transport takes place in the unsaturated zone. The above mentioned analogy allows the de...
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Doctoral thesis . 1988
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