Multi-center MRI prediction models : Predicting sex and illness course in first episode psychosis patients

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Nieuwenhuis, Mireille ; Schnack, Hugo G. ; van Haren, Neeltje E. ; Kahn, René S. ; Lappin, Julia ; Dazzan, Paola ; Morgan, Craig ; Reinders, Antje A. ; Gutierrez-Tordesillas, Diana ; Gutierrez-Tordesillas, Diana ; Roiz-Santiañez, Roberto ; Crespo-Facorro, Benedicto ; Schaufelberger, Maristela S. ; Rosa, Pedro G. ; Zanetti, Marcus V. ; Busatto, Geraldo F. ; McGorry, Patrick D. ; Velakoulis, Dennis ; Pantelis, Christos ; Wood, Stephen J. ; Mourao-Miranda, Janaina ; Mourao-Miranda, Janaina ; Dazzan, Paola ; Crespo-Facorro, Benedicto (2017)

Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies have attempted to use brain measures obtained at the first-episode of psychosis to predict subsequent outcome, with inconsistent results. Thus, there is a real need to validate the utility of brain measures in the pred... View more
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