Unravelling the resistance mechanism of lettuce against Nasonovia ribisnigri

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Broeke, ten, C.J.M.;
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  • Subject: slasoorten | insect-plant relaties | plaagresistentie | pest resistance | insect plant relations | lettuces | insectenplagen | nasonovia ribisnigri | gedrag bij zoeken van een gastheer | lactuca virosa | defence mechanisms | lactuca sativa | Insect-Plant Relations | verdedigingsmechanismen | host-seeking behaviour | insect pests
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | biochemical phenomena, metabolism, and nutrition | fungi

<p> Aphids are serious pests of crop plant species, and host plant resistance is often the most effective and environmentally friendly control strategy to control these pests. One of these aphid pests is the black currant - lettuce aphid, <em>Nasonovia ribisnigri</em> (... View more
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