Optical and electrical properties of SnO2 thin films after ultra-short pulsed laser annealing

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Scorticati, D.; Illiberi, A.; Römer, G.R.B.E.; Bor, T.; Ogieglo, W.; Klein Gunnewiek, M.; Lenferink, A.; Otto, C.; Skolski, J.Z.P.; Grob, F.; Lange, D.F. de; Huis in 't Veld, A.J.;
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  • Subject: Electronics Physics | LIPSS | Laser surface modification | Optical transmittance | TFT - Thin Film Technology EAM - Equipment for Additive Manufacturing | Industrial Innovation | TS - Technical Sciences | High Tech Systems & Materials | Mechatronics, Mechanics & Materials | Thin film | Ultra Short Laser Pulses | SnO2

Ultra-short pulsed laser sources, with pulse durations in the ps and fs regime, are commonly exploited for cold ablation. However, operating ultra-short pulsed laser sources at fluence levels well below the ablation threshold allows for fast and selective thermal proces... View more
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