Comparative morphology on leaves of Daphniphyllum (Daphniphyllaceae)

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Tang, M.-S. ; Yang, Y.-P. ; Sheue, C.-R. (2009)

A comparative anatomical study on the leaves of nine out of 29 species of the genus Daphniphyllum was performed to seek support for the present infrageneric classification. Daphniphyllum is composed of two sections, Lunata (with one subsection Lunata) and Daphniphyllum (with two subsections, Daphniphyllum and Staminodia). The glabrous leaves with brachyparacytic stomata appear in all species in this study; hemiparacytic, laterocytic or anomocytic stomata occur in some taxa. Two (out of three) species of section Lunata show irregular epidermal cells with undulate anticlinal walls on both surfaces and hemiparacytic stomata. Of section Daphniphyllum seven (out of 26) species were sampled; they have curved, straight or undulate anticlinal cell walls and laterocytic or anomocytic stomata. The anatomical features found in this study are useful for identification on the specific level, but there is no support for the current infrasectional classification of section Daphniphyllum; further study on section Daphniphyllum is necessary.
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