Electromagnetic-guided placement of nasoduodenal feeding tubes versus endoscopic placement : a randomized, multicenter trial

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Kappelle, Wouter F.W.; Walter, Daisy; Stadhouders, Paul H.; Jebbink, Hendrik J.A.; Vleggaar, Frank P.; van der Schaar, Peter J.; Kappelle, Jan Willem; van der Tweel, Ingeborg; Van den Broek, Medard F.M.; Wessels, Frank J.; Siersema, Peter D.; Monkelbaan, Jan F.;
  • Subject: Journal Article | Gastroenterology | Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging

Background and Aims Electromagnetic-guided placement (EMP) of a nasoduodenal feeding tube by trained nurses is an attractive alternative to EGD-guided placement (EGDP). We aimed to compare EMP and EGDP in outpatients, ward patients, and critically ill patients with norm... View more
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