Behavioural motivations and abilities in broilers

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Bokkers, E.A.M.;
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  • Subject: Animal Behaviour and Ethology | animal welfare | motivation | locomotion | lichamelijke fitheid | poultry housing | Animal Health and Welfare | lichamelijke activiteit | conditionering | dierenwelzijn | Gezondheid en welzijn van dieren | physical fitness | animal behaviour | feeding behaviour | overweight | pluimvee | voortbeweging | poultry | diergedrag | pluimveehokken | groei | overgewicht | physical activity | conditioning | Diergedrag en ethologie | vleeskuikens | overeating | broilers | growth | motivatie | overeten | voedingsgedrag

Broilers are chickens kept commercially under intensive husbandry conditions for poultry meat production. They grow to a slaughterweight of approximately 2.2 kg in 6 weeks. Broilers show a pronounced decrease in behavioural activity during their short life. The aim of t... View more
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