publication . Doctoral thesis . 2004

Behavioural motivations and abilities in broilers

Bokkers, E.A.M.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2004
  • Country: Netherlands
Broilers are chickens kept commercially under intensive husbandry conditions for poultry meat production. They grow to a slaughterweight of approximately 2.2 kg in 6 weeks. Broilers show a pronounced decrease in behavioural activity during their short life. The aim of this thesis was to gain more insight into the influence of both motivation and ability on behavioural activity in broilers. The distinction between motivation and ability is relevant for the interpretation of behavioural activity in broilers in terms of welfare. Broilers were observed when kept in pens with good facilities and in several ex situ tests where they had to work for food. Broilers showe...
Medical Subject Headings: digestive, oral, and skin physiologyfood and beveragesanimal structuresanimal diseases
free text keywords: vleeskuikens, pluimvee, diergedrag, motivatie, lichamelijke activiteit, lichamelijke fitheid, voortbeweging, voedingsgedrag, overeten, groei, overgewicht, dierenwelzijn, pluimveehokken, conditionering, Diergedrag en ethologie, Gezondheid en welzijn van dieren, broilers, poultry, animal behaviour, motivation, physical activity, physical fitness, locomotion, feeding behaviour, overeating, growth, overweight, animal welfare, poultry housing, conditioning, Animal Behaviour and Ethology, Animal Health and Welfare
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Doctoral thesis . 2004
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53 references, page 1 of 4
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