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A tool for aligning event logs and prescriptive process models through automated planning

De Leoni, M.; Giacomo Lanciano; Marrella, A.;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 2017
In Conformance Checking, alignment is the problem of detecting and repairing nonconformity between the actual execution of a business process, as recorded in an event log, and the model of the same process. Literature proposes solutions for the alignment problem that are implementations of planning algorithms built ad-hoc for the specific problem. Unfortunately, in the era of big data, these ad-hoc implementations do not scale sufficiently compared with wellestablished planning systems. In this paper, we tackle the above issue by presenting a tool, also available in ProM, to represent instances of the alignment problem as automated planning problems in PDDL (Pla...
free text keywords: Computer Science(all), Computer Science (all)

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