Biobased chemicals from polyhydroxybutyrate

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Spekreijse, Jurjen;
  • Publisher: Wageningen University
  • Subject: bioproceskunde | propylene | waste water treatment | chemie op basis van biologische grondstoffen | acrylics | biobased chemistry | biopolymeren | biobased economy | afvalwaterbehandeling | polyhydroxyalkanoaten | Levensmiddelen- en bioproceskunde (algemeen) | Food and Bioprocess Engineering (General) | biomass conversion | biopolymers | polyhydroxyalkanoates | propyleen | acrylaten | bioprocess engineering | biomassaconversie

<p>Currently, most chemicals and materials are obtained from fossil resources. After use, these chemicals and materials are converted to CO2. As discussed in <strong>chapter 1</strong>, this causes a build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere, the main driving force of global wa... View more
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