Reductive dehalogenation by anaerobic bacteria

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Holliger, H.C.;
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  • Subject: microbiële afbraak | bacteria | Microbiologie (algemeen) | organochlorine compounds | chlorinated hydrocarbons | degradation | bacteriën | halogens | gechloreerde koolwaterstoffen | anaërobe micro-organismen | organische chloorverbindingen | microbial degradation | halogenen | degradatie | gehalogeneerde koolwaterstoffen | halogenated hydrocarbons | anaerobes | Microbiology (General)

<p>The understanding of the fate of synthetic halogenated hydrocarbons became a matter of major interest over the last two decades. Halogenated compounds may threaten ecosystems due to their biocide properties. The degradability of halocompounds determines whether they ... View more
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