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The impact of public service motivation in an international organization : job satisfaction and organizational commitment in the European Commission. Paper

Vandenabeele, W.V.; Ban, C.;
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  • Published: 08 Jun 2009
  • Country: Netherlands
Public service motivation has increasingly been accepted as a central construct in public personnel management and public HRM research. In recent years, research on public service motivation has grown substantially (Perry and Hondeghem, 2008) and has now reached a point where it finally lives up to its status of being ‘one of the big questions of public management’ (Behn 1995). In the existing body of literature, public service motivation has been linked to various HRM outcomes (Vandenabeele 2008), such as performance, employer attractiveness, ethical behavior and turnover. Often, these relationships are mediated by means of concepts such as organizational commi...
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Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine . 2009
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16 references, page 1 of 2
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