The role of a fish pond in optimizing nutrient flows in integrated agriculture-aquaculture farming systems

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Nhan, D.K.;
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  • Subject: Aquaculture Production Systems | Integrated Production Systems | geïntegreerde bedrijfssystemen | landbouw | duurzaamheid (sustainability) | kringlopen | recycling | vietnam | cycling | fish ponds | visvijvers | bedrijfssystemen | Geïntegreerde productiesystemen | integrated farming systems | sustainability | Productiesystemen in de aquacultuur | nutrients | agriculture | aquaculture | voedingsstoffen | optimalisatie | optimization | farming systems | aquacultuur

<b> </b> In the Mekong delta, the Vietnamese government promoted integrated agriculture-aquaculture (IAA) farming systems as an example of sustainable agriculture. An important advantage of IAA-farming is the nutrient linkage between the pond and terrestrial components ... View more
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