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Procedural modeling of urban layout: population, land use, and road network

X Xiaoming Lyu; Q Qi Han; Bauke de Vries;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2017 Journal: Transportation Research Procedia, volume 25, pages 3,333-3,342 (issn: 2352-1465, Copyright policy)
  • Country: Netherlands
Abstract This paper introduces an urban simulation system generating urban layouts with population, road network and land use layers. The desired urban spatial structure is obtained by generating a population map based on population density models. The road network is generated at two spatial levels corresponding to the road hierarchy. The land use allocation is based on the What If? allocation model. The expected results are urban layouts suitable for academic scenario analysis.
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free text keywords: land use, population, procedural modelling, road network, urban simulation, Transportation, Procedural modeling, Urban spatial structure, Environmental resource management, business.industry, business, Transport engineering, Land-use planning, education.field_of_study, education, Scenario analysis, Hierarchy, Computer science
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