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Hyperthyroidism as a cause of persistent vomiting.

Hoogendoorn, L.; Cools, B.M.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2004
  • Country: Netherlands
A 32-year-old woman presented with persistent vomiting, epigastric pain and weight loss. A sinus tachycardia was the clue to the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism due to Graves' disease. On treatment with propylthiouracil and a beta-blocking agent, her symptoms resolved within one day, even though her free thyroxine level was still high. Hyperthyroidism is an uncommon, but previously reported cause of persistent vomiting.
Medical Subject Headings: endocrine system diseasesendocrine systemhormones, hormone substitutes, and hormone antagonists
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18 references, page 1 of 2
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