Turning vice into virtue - when low self-control states facilitate goal-oriented behaviours

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Cheung, T.T.L.;
  • Publisher: Utrecht University
  • Subject: heuristics | healthy food promotion | self-control | nudging

Despite having good intentions, people often fail to exercise self-control to act in line with their long-term goals. Research shows that even mundane circumstances such as ego-depletion, mental distraction, and hunger could all hamper self-control performance. Consider... View more
  • References (1)

    Askegaard, S., Ordabayeva, N., Chandon, P., Cheung, T., Chytkova, Z., Cornil, Y., … Werle, C. (2014). Moralities in food and health research. Journal of Marketing Management, 30(17-18), 1800-1832.

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