The "TEU-FEL" project

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Ernst, G.J.; Witteman, W.J.; Verschuur, Jeroen W.J.; Mols, R.F.X.A.M.; Mols, R.F.X.A.M.; van Oerle, B.M.; van Oerle, B.M.; Bouman, A.F.M.; Botman, J.I.M.; Hagedoorn, H.L.; Delhez, J.L.; Kleeven, W.J.G.M.;
  • Subject: IR-24883 | METIS-129684

The free-electron laser of the TEU-FEL project will be based on a 6 MeV photo-cathode linac as injector, a 25 MeV race-track microtron as main accelerator and a hybrid, 25 mm period undulator. The project will be carried out in two phases. In phase one only the 6 MeV li... View more
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