Exploration of agro-ecological options for improving maize-based farming systems in Costa Chica, Guerrero, Mexico

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Flores Sanchez, D.;
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  • Subject: tussenteelt | intensivering | agroecology | Plant Production Systems | maïs | bedrijfssystemen | maize | agro-ecosystemen | mexico | intensification | intercropping | zea mays | agro-ecologie | agronomie | Plantaardige productiesystemen | agronomy | agroecosystems | farming systems

<p> <strong>Keywords: farm diagnosis, farming systems, soil degradation, intercropping, maize, roselle, legumes, nutrient management, vermicompost, crop residues, decomposition, explorations.</strong></p> <p> </p> <p> In the Costa Chica, a region of Southwest Mexico, fa... View more
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